How much should I drink?

You need to consume 1 bottle per day, for at least 30 days to feel the effect but you can keep taking COLLAGEN 13000 as long as you want

When should I drink the COLLAGEN 13000?

It is better to drink COLLAGEN 13000 just before going to bed. Your skin has a better regeneration during the night, so COLLAGEN 13000 will help your organism to build up its collagen.

How should I store my COLLAGEN 13000?

You can keep it at room temperature but for a better preservation of all the elements including in the formula of COLLAGEN 13000, we recommend you to store it in the refrigerator.

Is it safe??

Supported by toxicological studies, COLLAGEN 13000 is totally safe and should feel comfortable to take it every day.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects were notified from COLLAGEN 13000.

Can I take COLLAGEN 13000 with other collagen products?

COLLAGEN 13000 formula contains the most important elements to keep your organism healthy. We recommend you to not consume other collagen drinks as we include the safer and perfect quantity of collagen to observe positive results.

I am on medication. Would it be okay to take COLLAGEN 13000?

As for all the complementary supplements, we recommend you to speak with a medical professional before taking COLLAGEN 13000.

I have some allergies. Would it be okay to take COLLAGEN 13000?

COLLAGEN 13000 is made with fishery collagen origin. If you have fish allergy do not consume our product. If any doubt for another type of allergies, please speak to a medical professional.

I’m vegetarian would it be okay to take COLLEGEN 13000?

COLLAGEN 13000 contains fishery collagen, so it is suitable for pescatarians, but not for vegetarians or vegans.

Where can I buy COLLAGEN 13000?

COLLAGEN 13000 is available on our website here.